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COLIN KNIGHT born in Birmingham in 1961. Colin is one of the Showaddywaddy Elite founder members. However before Showaddywaddy Elite You have to go back many, many years when Colin had his stage debut. Back in 1972 Colin was a mere 11 years old along with two girls sitting either side of him (lucky lad) he belted out his rendition of GRANDDAD (by Clive Dunne)

               in front of a packed school hall (Two years before SHOWADDYWADDY had their first hit HEY ROCK N ROLL). He appeared again many times after, however he declined to give us any specifics. Colin never let the fame go to his head though and decided to hang his microphone up. The UK had not heard the last of Colin, but it wasn't till the late 90s when karaoke hit its peak that Colin decided once again to pick up a microphone and sing the odd number every now and again. He claims that he never sang GRANDDAD again but we only have his word for that. In 2003 Colin teamed up with his brother Steve Knight to do Karaoke/Disco nights and for four years they became a popular act, but all good things must come to an end and due to work commitments Colin had to hang up his microphone for a second time. In 2009 Colin along with Steve Knight  and his nephew Lee Knight  was approached By Thomas Bull and asked if they


would like to form a Showaddywaddy Tribute act. They all agreed and Elite was formed. Colin decided that he would sort all the choreography for the band making it very visual. unfortunately during 2012 Steve & Lee found it difficult to fully commit to the band and so in February they called it a day. Steve and Lee were replaced by Tony Steele & Bruce Ward and  then later due to the departure of Tony. THE ELITE gained Bernard Beddard, Dan Knight (Colin's Son), Lee Bowden, Alex Morse, Ian Tandy & Steve Jack. Colin sings second lead in A Little Bit Of Soap and Who Put The Bomp and also sings dual lead in Multiplication with Thomas. Colin says that he can't wait until 2014 when along with all the other members of THE ELITE,  will be performing all the songs live.



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